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I grew up in small a village called Baj in Hungary.
Although I was kind of shy and did not have much self-confidence when I was young, I always liked
dreaming and I felt a deep connection to life.

After I graduated as electrical engineer, I got a job at a Telco company and worked there 7.5 years.
I did have a good time at the office. I liked my colleagues, my managers and I had a decent

After a while though, I realised that development is what makes me feel alive. 

I could not feel fulfilled at my position anymore. My soul kept asking me to grow again..

Have you ever felt this?

By reading lots of psychological and spiritual books, attending retreats and seminars, journaling and the
practice of meditation, I got a new vision that made it clear for me that I need to do projects/
jobs/activities that are valuable for our planet and humanity.


I started to have interest in art, photography, psychology, health, fitness and public speaking too.  Since these areas were calling me from my heart, I trained myself to be a photographer, a life coach and a motivational speaker.

Then my life turned upside down. I met my friend Adam. Adam traveled across Europe on his
bicycle for 5 Months. He told me awesome stories about this journey and and aout his newest project to travel around the entire world on a bicycle.

Though, I never cycled more than 50 km at once, never did bicycle touring, at that moment I felt a strong
calling for joining Adam’s idea. I had the call, "let’s leave everything behind and explore the unknown".

I sold all of my stuff and belongings in order to raise money for the expedition. Then I bought my beautiful
bicycle, a tent, a sleeping bag and few storage bags.

I said goodbye to my parents, siblings  and friends, then I pedaled into my life-changing journey on the Summer of

My intention is not convincing you to leave behind all and cycle 50 000 km.  What I can help you (or your company) in is to find joy in self development, find yourself through challenges, helping you setting persolnalised goals and understand your true needs for the desired balance.

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