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As a child, with serious asthma and spine issues spiced with extreme lazyness, I had to take swimming and spine Yoga classes.  At first I didn't like them, I only wanted to read in my room or being silly with friends. However, thanks to the great instructors and the new friends I met, I found joy within these activities. 

So much joy that I even chose to go to the Sport University. I loved doing sports and learning how to teach them, but anatomy and biochemistry which I had never get bored of.

I always had a great interest towards widening my comfort zone and self development.  After the university I left all behind and I lived in Spain, France, England working as a swimming and tennis coach.

After 15 years of continous travelling, overworking I decided that I will turn my full attention deeply inward and discover the beautifull gift I was given, this beautiful life.

A simple tip from a book literally turned my life upside down. I started to breath through my nose instead of mouth... This little change made me understand the power of breathing, and I started to learn more deeply about it.

Beside of getting rid of a 34 year lasting continous nose blockage I started to feel more energy and less brain fog. Furthermore, I got all my attention on breathing and in the opportunities of the science behind it.

I was trully amazed how much you can do by simply changing the rhytm of breathing or controlling the amount of air you breath in. 

Changing the way how I was breathing, changing my perspective on life helped me to find appreciation towards everything. I turned my continous anxiety into vision and I turned my fears into creativity. 

During my 1year trip in India I visited many Yoga schools, and I also trained to become a Yoga instructor. 

I studied different styles of Yoga and I also met many different versions of breathing philosophies (Pranayama, Buteyko, Wim Hof, Holotrop, Rebirthing, Shamanic breathing, Free diving) .

After coming out from a 10 days silent meditation the only desire I felt is to stay on the right path and live fully every present moment.

I lived in a van for the following two years, with the purpose of doing less of chasing money (avoiding having a job) and do more self observation.

Back in Hungary I found all I was searching during my life abroad: Love, Passion and many People with same interests.

If you come to my lessons I can help you with body awareness exercises, finding silence within, managing stress and avoiding certain mistakes in your "self search" by sharing my experiences.

Private sessions 

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