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My journey with yoga begun, when I was 15, just started high school, and given the many hours of studying at school and at home as well, my mother signed me up for yoga classes - and I will be forever grateful that out of all the options, she chose yoga. My first ashtanga yoga teacher has just freshly returned from India, and in her classes, she didn't only teach me the physical aspects of yoga, but the mantras, the power of breathing, as well the spiritual meaning of the yoga tradition. 

For me, yoga is more than just physical exercise - it is my outlook on life, and how I live and think everyday. It is life's purest gift that I could have received - it has helped me through the biggest hardships of my life, and it was there for my biggest joys as well, that I cannot describe the importance it holds in my life. 

Since I experienced the indescribable benefits of yoga on my own body, mind and life, a feeling of wanting to share this with other people began to rise in me - and finally, after almost 10 years of practice, I felt ready to complete my yoga teacher certification and begin to teach. 


Ashtanga yoga is a bit different from all the other types of yoga - according to its teachings and tradition, each soul that practices it is capable of doing so on their own, and a yoga instructor is not necessary in the way most people are used to. After the students have learned the yoga poses and the correct breathing, the teacher is there more so as a guiding figure, who corrects, overlooks and helps students to execute the yoga sequence and poses correctly- This way, everyone can go on their own pace, and every student can receive a sequence that is adapted to their own needs, without the pressure of the group to go faster or slower. Ashtanga yoga is highly personalized, and follows the principles of Ahimsa first and foremost.  


Besides yoga, I also practice ayurveda and ayurvedic massage therapies, I am currently studying vedic medicine in university, and after my studies, I aspire to combine my knowledge of yoga and ayurveda to offer specialized consultations, in order to provide a more holistic and complex solution to the concerns or health issues of my clients. 


I believe that it is our duty to share our knowledge with each other, and that is what I aspire to do in every one of my classes - to share the healing spirit of yoga with everyone who chooses to practice with me. 

My classes are a little bit more traditional, where you can expect a complex, healthily challenging, and active yoga sequence, that is customized to the needs of the individuals as well as the group - one, which follows the ashtanga tradition, but is in harmony with the needs of the whole group. 

Can't wait to meet you in class :) 


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