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Hey, I'm Ági Varró, certified Hatha yoga and  Yin yoga instructor.

I chose this path because yoga is my favourite activity ever and I love to help others try it. Not only for the physical pleasure and the health benefits, but also because of the whole mindset behind it. And what I love the most is working with complete beginners: especially those who claim that they "can't do yoga" (let me tell you, that's just impossible, as anybody can, but I'll prove that later...)


My friends know me as a pretty radical advocate of loving and accepting our bodies and treating ourselves with a gentle,  self-compassionate attitude: treating ourselves as we would treat a best friend. And this is exactly what Hatha yoga is all about (and Yin yoga, even more so.) Taking care of ourselves, our bodies, our health, accepting an occasional challenge here and there for the sake of improvement, but at the same time letting go of the desire to perform, of the notion of "doing it right" - so it's really about respecting our boundaries and not causing any pain or discomfort to ourselves. And this is why I'm saying that anybody can do yoga: if you move with a mindset like this, while being mindful of your whole body and your breath, plus you focus and stay in the moment, then what you're doing is yoga! So I think you should just come to my class and experience this kind of acceptance.

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