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Intercultural self-development hub in the heart of the XI. district. 


At our 160 square meter studio we organize sound journeys / music events, talks, exhibitions, workshops and we have a fixed schedule of classes for the general wellbeing of the mind and body.

"TEMPLE is a place where people gather together with same interests"- Wikipedia

At our temple on Bercsényi street, people gather togheter with the interest of Awareness and Development.

Body awareness& self development, Environmental awareness& Sustainable development. 


At our group and private classes, you can learn about the basic principles of BODY AWARENESS through Yoga, Pilates, Breathwork and Mindfulness exercises.

If you are also keen to find answers how to become a better human being, temple is the place you were looking for.

Here we are all on a never ending journey of this conscious development.

We have a specific place in our heart for breath ("force of life") and breathwork.

Coming to our breathwork and mindfulness sessions (or workshops) you’ll discover a natural remedy for stress, anxiety and foggy brain along with techniques for greater self-awareness, vision, and creativity. 

If you learn these basics, you can also join breathing ceremonies where you can experience the state of higher mental clarity and ecstasy without any illegal substances.

Our Team 




Hatha Yoga

Handstand training

Sport/ Therapeutic Massage 

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Hatha Yoga 



Acces Bars

Hatha Yoga Budapest


Hatha Yoga 

   Sunday Yoga

   Meditative Yin Yoga  

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Handpan Artist


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Foot reflexology  

Sweedish Massage

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Hatha Yoga 

Yoga for spine

Henna- Jagua

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Hatha Yoga 


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