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Our Phylosophy of life

The creation of was inspired by the original philosophy of Yoga. However the way how it influenced us made a unique journey. The mission of is to gather together many cool and free spirits, while discipline and the respect towards each other stands for our sustainable development.

TEMPLE has clear purposes to achieve, supported by pillars of knowledge and experiences. Through our own development or through cooperations with other people or communities we tend to keep challenging all.

All means "all" the questions we have made, and "all" the answers we have replied with.

The contents we carry in our development backpack to our stage 1 journey, also the services we share with our students are the followings:

> The often underestimated SLEEPING, the place where we are capable to create entirely new Worlds.

> BREATHING, which in many cultures mentioned as the "vital life force"

> MOVEMENTS and the art we express with our body, dance, yoga asanas, martial art, tai chi, somatic movements, name any ... we are moving creatures, it is art, it is real.

> MEDITATION, FOCUSING ABILITIES, VISION or sometimes simply quieting the mind

> MINDFULNESS or living in the present, experience the environment which surrounds us.

> The NUTRITION we feed our body

> The PERIODIZATION which by we detox or even poison ourself sometimes adapting to hurdle tough obstacles in our whole lives.

> The BEHAVIOUR we treat ourselves or we connect to our environments

> The MEDICINES from "Mother Earth" we have been given for millions of years.

> The CEREMONIES which has been bringing us humans together through our evolution

> The PLAYS we all learn, develop and challenge ourselves with

> The BEAUTY how "quality" is defined and how chaos organises itself into structures which are easier to perceive

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