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Handstand preparation (EN)

Strength& Balance meet Mindfulness

  • Bercsényi utca 5

Service Description

Experience the art of handstands like never before. The term of handstand carries the whole concept for cultivating core strength, refining balance, deepening body-awareness, mindfulness and focus. We use a blend of Yoga and Pilates exercises to strengthen the key parts of the body for standing upside down . Handstand training is far more than physical balance; it's a comprehensive practice reminiscent of the mindfulness found in Yoga and the core strength in Pilates. Every exercise is thoughtfully designed to prepare you for the art of being upside down. Our sessions are designed to welcome participants of all levels, from those taking their first steps into handstands to advanced practitioners. Our primary objective is to lay a robust foundation, ensuring that every participant is thoroughly prepared for the exhilarating sensation of standing on their hands. Why We like to Handstand? #1. It's fun #2. It gives NEW angles & NEWperspectives to see the world. #3. It’s good for blood flow and breathing. #4. It helps with all the other circulation systems. #5. It makes you happier. #6. It makes you giggle. #7. Practicing it is a great workout for the full body #8. It reveals how uncoordinated (or coordinated) we are. #9. Handstanders are another tribe around the globe. #10. You don’t need anything but yourself to do it. Join us on a journey of transformation, where strength harmonizes with mindfulness, and handstands become an embodiment of your physical and mental potential

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

If you can not participate in the class, please, always sign out. Our client and pass managing system will automatically deduct this occasion from your pass. Deadline to sign up out from the classes: 12 hour before the starting of the class.

Contact Details

  • -Yoga classes in English/ breathwork/ meditation/pilates/ massage - Intercultural community, Budapest, Bercsényi Street, Hungary


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